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How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It?

Table Of Contents
  1. Choose the Best App to Spy on Boyfriend’s Cell Phone
  2. How to Install a Spy App on the Target Phone? 
  3. When Do You Need to Spy on BF Cell Phone?
  4. Conclusion

What if your boyfriend is cheating on you? Now, this isn’t the voice of the little red devil on your shoulder, trying to whisper negative thoughts into your head. This is a question that you’ve probably asked yourself before.

When it comes to relationships, we all desperately want a faithful partner. However, in some cases, we just can’t help but be suspicious of our partner’s actions, especially if it’s something we aren’t used to. You may have experienced a situation where you feel like your boyfriend is unfaithful, but you don’t want to ask questions to avoid being labeled as paranoid. Sounds familiar?

If you are stuck in this situation, there are ways to find out the truth without confronting him. The most obvious step to take is to go through his phone. But what if he never lets you touch his phone? If that’s the case, sit back, relax, and let us introduce you to the world of spy apps.

Choose the Best App to Spy on Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

You’ve probably always thought, “Is there an app to spy on my boyfriend’s phone?” or “how can i read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone?” There is. Tons of them, in fact. Spy apps are software that lets you track anyone’s cell phone around the world. With the right spy app, you can get all the information you need without your boyfriend ever suspecting that you may be on to him. This is probably why some users have nicknamed these apps: “The boyfriend spyware app” or “The husband tracker.”

If you want to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it, spy apps are your best bet. These apps are the answer to the eternal question of how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine.

In today’s world, there are tons of spy apps on the market. If you’re a newbie, you may get overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps out there. That’s why it’s advisable to select one that’s best for you and what you need.

Not sure which app is the best app to spy on boyfriend’s phone? Here are a few factors to look out for.

  • Features: This is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing an app to spy on a cheating boyfriend. The more features a spy app has, the better for you. Although most of these apps come with a wide range of features like keylogging, call tracking, text tracking, some apps have more features than others. When it comes to features, mSpy easily tops the list. However, you can check out other apps to see if you like their features.
  • Pricing: Pricing is also a pretty important feature to consider. Although no good spy apps are free, some may be more expensive than others. If you’re working with a tight budget, you might want to go for one of the lower-priced ones.
  • User reviews: What are other users saying about the app? Does it have glitches? Is it stealthy? You should definitely check out user reviews before going for any spy app. If you wouldn’t buy an item off the Internet without reading reviews, you shouldn’t pay for a spy app without seeing reviews either.

How to Install a Spy App on the Target Phone? 

Ready to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing? The first step is to select a spy app of your choice. Once you’ve done this, you can then pay for a subscription plan (depending on the app in question).

After payment, you can install the app on the target device and spy on him through the Control Panel. Some apps like mSpy have services to guide you through the installation process.

When Do You Need to Spy on BF Cell Phone?

You’ve probably been asking yourself questions like: “When is it okay to spy on my boyfriend’s cell phone?”

Spying on your partner’s phone often comes with a truckload of guilt and shame. However, some situations demand that you take the bull by its cheating horns and go through his phone. If not, you may end up looking like a fool.

Here are some instances when you need to spy on boyfriend’s phone:

  • When he starts acting shady: Are you dealing with a shady partner? The signs are always the same. He starts coming home late and making up lame excuses for his late nights. Or maybe he has started hiding his phone from you. When his phone rings, he goes out to take the call. Whenever you’re around, he makes sure his phone is placed with the screen down. If this is the case, you may need to spy on his phone.
  • When he becomes emotionally distant: It can be heartbreaking to watch a partner who practically doted on you before doing a 180° spin and transforms into a distant stranger. In most cases, when a man becomes emotionally distant or abusive towards his partner, he’s most likely hiding something from her.
  • When there’s another woman in the picture: If you’re suspecting that there may be another woman in the picture, it’s time to spy on his phone. Going through his phone will give you all the answers and the clarity you need.


Relationships can be really tricky, especially when a cheating partner is involved. If you’re constantly asking questions like, “How to spy on my boyfriend’s cell phone for free,” you’ve found your answer.

There are apps that help you spy on your boyfriend without ever getting caught. All you have to do is select one that best suits your needs, and you can go ahead to spy on your bf’s phone.

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