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How to Catch Someone Cheating on Facebook — Use This Simple Trick

Table Of Contents
  1. Is Facebook Cheating Real?
  2. Facebook Cheating Signs
  3. They’re Always on Their Messenger
  4. They’re Always With Their Phone
  5. They Have More Than One Account
  6. They’re Emotionally Unavailable
  7. How to Catch Facebook Cheaters with Spy Apps?
  8. How to Deal With Your Partner’s Facebook Secret Conversations?
  9. Conclusion

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where people can connect with friends and strangers from across the world. Over the years, many users have formed bonds, made long-lasting connections, and even found love. However, Facebook has also been described as a cheating machine.

Whether it’s a harmless connection with someone they had a crush on in high school, or it’s the quest for a little distraction, Facebook has been a good breeding ground for cheaters. Is your partner cheating on Facebook? Read on to find out how to catch someone cheating on Facebook.

Is Facebook Cheating Real?

Yes, Facebook cheating is real. Research on Facebook infidelities shows just how easy it is for even people with good intentions to find themselves entangled on the web of Facebook cheating. Sometimes, it’s a blast from the past. Other times, it could be a new and exciting adventure.

Whatever it is, the fact remains that Facebook’s knack for connecting people makes it incredibly easy for people to cheat on their partners. Many divorce lawyers have spoken of how much damage Facebook has done to many relationships. It starts with harmless flirting, and before they realize it, vows have been broken and trust betrayed.

Facebook Cheating Signs

Wondering if your partner is cheating on you on Facebook? Here are signs that can confirm your suspicions:

They’re Always on Their Messenger

Messenger is a Facebook app that allows people to chat easily. If your partner is constantly exchanging messages on Messenger all day long, there’s a good chance they are cheating on you.

They’re Always With Their Phone

Cheaters will move mountains to try and cover their tracks. But one of the commonest strategies is holding on to their phone. If they are always with their phones, it’s probably because they are scared you might check it and catch them red-handed.

They Have More Than One Account

Most cheaters try to hide their affair by creating multiple accounts. This way, they can prevent their victims from knowing about their other relationships.

They’re Emotionally Unavailable

Whether you’re dealing with a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend that’s cheating on Facebook, one of the most prominent signs is emotional unavailability. As they spend more time cheating on Facebook Messenger, they spend less time with you and less effort in trying to make your relationship work.

How to Catch Facebook Cheaters with Spy Apps?

You’re going to see a few solutions when you google how to catch a cheating spouse on Facebook. Yet, spy apps stand out as one of the best ways to catch Facebook cheaters. Spy apps are software that lets you monitor people’s Facebook activities on their phones and log into someones facebook messenger. When you install a spy app on your lover’s phone, it records information like chats, log in details, and media files. It saves this information and sends it to you. This means you can read your partner’s chats on Messenger to see whom he’s been chatting with.

Will your partner discover spy apps on their device? Unlikely. Once a spy app is installed on a target phone, it begins to work as a background app. This means victims will be unable to see the software’s icon on their devices. Examples of such spy apps include mSpy, and apart from hacking Facebook, there are a host of other features on spy apps that can help you catch your cheating spouse.

How to Deal With Your Partner’s Facebook Secret Conversations?

So you’ve just discovered that your partner has been having Facebook secret conversations with another person on Facebook and may be cheating on you. How do you deal with that? Once you’re sure your partner is indeed cheating, the first line of action is to gather your evidence and confront them.

With such glaring evidence, denying would be impossible, so you aren’t exactly looking for the truth. However, what you should demand is an explanation.

While there’s no excuse for cheating, there’s no doubt that there are factors that lead to it. Some people cheat because they haven’t been getting much attention from their partners, so it’s important to open that line of communication. In the end, the decision to work things out or end the relationship completely is 100% down to you.

If you can’t get over the betrayal, it’s probably best to end the relationship. However, if you think what you have is worth fighting for, you want to get some assurance that there won’t be a repeat performance. Either way, be sure to take your time as you make a decision.


If you have reasons to believe your wife or husband may be cheating on Facebook, you have to try to find out. Your suspicions may be true or not. What’s important is your peace of mind. Luckily, most spy apps are cheap, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to catch your cheating partner.

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