(LISTEN): The Metro Song


We’ve all heard the sounds of our melodic Metro: The high-pitched squeaking of an aging escalator; the “Step back, doors closing” warning; the hum of an approaching train. While people may tend to drown out our city’s underground soundtrack during their … Continue reading

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RIP Andrew Breitbart


According to his own website, Andrew Breitbart has passed away. The media giant was responsible for some of the most popular conservative media outlets on the internet, and was formerly the editor of Drudge Report. There are very few details … Continue reading

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DC Blows… Glass


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, because glass houses are not easy to build. Just ask anyone at DC Glassworks, the DMV’s premier glass-sculpting studio (not to be confused with Wilson Lightbulbs). Nestled in a warehouse in Hyattesville’s burgeoning … Continue reading

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Oscar Nominee Jonah Hill


State of the Union: Last night, we played catch-up with Obama. For those of you who missed it and have an hour to kill, watch it here: Flipped The Switch: The Wizards have (finally) fired coach Flip Saunders, because when you … Continue reading

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I Have a Dream…


In honor of MLK weekend, we ventured to DC’s newest memorial and asked people to add their own ending to the doctor’s most famous words. Have a great long weekend, everyone, and don’t forget: More than 100 US National Parks are free … Continue reading

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Holiday Party Hangover Edition


Happy Friday, DC, and welcome to SocialSmarts: Post-Holiday Party Hangover Edition! In Memoriam: DC-based writer Christopher Hitchens passed away yesterday from complications with cancer. #GodIsNotGreat, the name of his 2007 book, became a trending topic, and Twitter responded to Christian protests … Continue reading

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Pedicabs v. Park Police: Ride or Die


Happy Humpday. Get wit’ it: Pedi Conflicts: As tensions escalate between law enforcement and pedicab operators, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is calling for Park Police to reach out to pedicab operators to quell the conflict before things get out of hand. What does it … Continue reading

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