(VIDEO) Danny Harris on Feastly


In the latest segment of our Danny Harris on Danny Harris series, the man behind a Peoples District and Fatback DJ #19 sits down to ask himself about his latest venture, Feastly.

Built on the premise of “connecting hungry eaters with passionate cooks,” DC’s latest (and most delicious) start-up is essentially a sort of Airbnb for those wishing to create dinner parties. Amateur and professional chefs contact the Feastly team (Danny and co-founder Noah Karesh) to create a menu, theme, price, and cap. While the Feastly team puts the final touches on its soon-to-be-launched site, it advertises dinner parties on Twitter, Facebook, and in an ever-growing e-mail distribution list. Then, curious, hungry consumers show up at the homes of those wishing to play restaurant owner for a night to dine with total strangers.

The idea behind the concept, explains Danny, is that while anyone can go to a restaurant and have a good meal, there’s something very rewarding about stepping into someone else’s home, watching them prepare a meal, and hearing them explain the significance behind each dish—be it a typical Libyan dinner party (as Danny’s mom recently hosted), or an evening of Indian thalis served by a family from Bombay. Most importantly, explaisn Danny, the aim is to “build community, one meal at a time.” And while the idea of inviting a stranger into your home for dinner may seem, well, strange, the venture has already left plenty of curious feasters salivating: Less than two months after its first dinner party, Feastly is now hosting upwards of two events a week—with most selling out.