Election Day Edition


Good morning, DC! Happy birthday to Doris Day and tough day for California yesterday. Here’s what else is trending this morning…

Election Day!: The two dozen registered Republicans living in the District are scheduled to drive their Bentleys from Georgetown to the nearest voting precinct today to pick the GOP presidential nominee. Voters in Maryland head to the polls as well today.

If you live in Wards 2, 4, 7, or 8, it’s primary day for you as well. Check out DCist’s handy Ballot or Bust: DC Primary Voter Guide before casting your ballot.

Today’s Washington Examiner: And this, J-school students, is what happens when layout and copy don’t talk (below).

1940 Census: If you haven’t (plowed through slow download times and whirling timeout icons and…) taken a look at the 1940 Census yet, take 20 minutes out of your day and poke around here. Among other fascinating arcana, you might discover what your grandparents earned, see what was all the rage in women’s fashion (hint: knee-length skirts), see what was making a splash in the art world (Jackson Pollock), and find out why Bing Crosby was the man.

April Music Guide: Tons of great shows are coming to our dear District this month, but if you skip out on these seven must-sees, consider yourself an April fool.

This Headline: Could have appeared any day during the past 20 years and it would be timely and appropriate.

Go on, the Wildcats: Kentucky dismantles Kansas to win its eighth national championship—John Calipari’s first.