Welcome to Summer


Welcome to Summer: Good morning. It’s gonna be 78 degrees with a high probability of lovely today in DC. USA Today, America’s definitive source for colorful graphics, reports that temperatures will soar to as much as 35 degrees above average throughout much of the central and eastern US.

Babies: The day after a Bristol-area woman plead guilty to two misdemeanor child neglect charges after leaving her toddler son in a minivan for seven hours in June to die, reports this morning indicated that a 5-month-old baby was in the backseat of an SUV that was carjacked in SE. WTOP reports at 8:46 a.m. that the SUV has been recovered and the infant is okay.

“A First-Of-Its-Kind Venue:” LivingSocial Communications Director Maire Griffin is featured in this morning’s Washington Examiner and talks about LS’s brand-new 918 F Street space.

Hunger Games! Stars, fans, and survival enthusiasts descended on Los Angeles last night for the world premiere of the Hunger Games. Among the many red carpet celebrities on hand were Miley Cyrus and Donald Sutherland, who managed the clever trick of not dressing up at all but still looking eerily like the head wizard at a Nordic potions academy.

“Some Days It’s a Ghost Town:” Merchants in Adams Morgan now know what it must feel like to own a business along H Street NE.

NASA to Launch Rockets From Virginia: It appears our space program has not landed, as NASA is planning to launch five rockets from coastal Virginia between tomorrow and April 4.

Who Invented Bracketology? Very cool story from Slate about how the NCAA tournament’s origins trace back to the mid-1800s.