(PHOTOS) Desk Trotting: BYT


Some are filled with trinkets. Others are clean as a whistle. No, we’re not talking about the homes of the elderly, we’re talking about desks. In our new series Desk Trotting, we’ll be trotting around DC to take a look at where people work—and more specifically, the desks they work on.

Meet Cale Charney: DJ, juggler, and events manager extraordinaire at BYT Productions. When he’s not galavanting around at the city’s best parties, he’s at his desk… planning the city’s best parties. Cale’s computer is propped on a box holding T-shirts from BYT’s Bentzen Comedy Ball, because Cale doesn’t sit at his desk like a sucker. He stands like a mighty sentry. Some of the more notable items include a two-headed monster baby doll purchased from the American Visionary Art museum in Baltimore; a bullhorn for shouting commands at interns; a Kid Robot figurine modeled after a ’70s porn star; and the office’s stereo system, because Cale alone controls the music at the office. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.)

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