Music Monday w/ Dave Nada of Nadastrom


Today’s Music Monday comes from Dave Nada, one-half of Nadastrom and the mastermind behind Moombahton, DC’s homegrown electro-dance sound. A musical Frankenstein created from lowering the BPM of Dutch House while lacing in heavy traces of reggaeton, Moombahton came to life at a DC “school-skipping party” in ’09 and continues to be a monster on the rise. If you have yet to encounter the dance-inducing beast, Nadastrom and other Moombahton masters will spin at U Street Music Hall Wednesday night for Moombahton Massive XIII ($12). In the meantime, get hyped on Nada’s playlist: “Awesome New Music My Friends Put Me Onto!” and discover why he picked these five songs in his own words.

1.) Death On The Balcony – “Them 3 Words” (Eats Everything More Than Friends Remix)
“Not too long ago Matt Nordstrom put me onto all this ‘K-House’ slowed down and sleazy techno stuff alá Jamie Jones – Hot Creations, Damian Laz – Crosstown Rebels, Seth Troxler – Vision Quest, etc and I’ve been hooked ever since. So naturally I went on YouTube to find live video clips and lurk some playlist and song IDs. Already a fan of Eats Everything, I discovered this gem while watching a Jamie Jones live at Creche ‘The Big One.’ That sh*t comes in at like :43 seconds like whoooaaa…”

2.) Flosstradamus – “Total Recall”
“Been a fan of these Chicago dudes since their heyday as party rocking DJ dominators. I tend to live under a moombahton rock, so to me it seemed like Flosstradamus has been laying low for quite some time. Then the other week my buddy @DJ_JWLS from Miami was praising on Twitter about the new “Total Recall” record and I had to check it out. This sh*t is huge! Trap meets Trance/Hardstyle bliss. I’m mega-excited that there are finally some new Flossy jams again.”

3.) Noisia – “Tommy’s Theme” (Munchi’s Fear Is Weakness Remix)
Munchi’s a buddy of mine and we (Nadastrom) have been playing this remix in our sets since the Mothership Tour and now it’s finally out. There’s also a great feature on Munchi on the Generation Bass website with exclusive interviews, as well as this monster track. Moombahton continues to morph and grow and Munchi continues to be on the cusp of it!”

4.) Nina Kraviz – “Ghetto Kraviz”
“Man this joint is tight! 808 bass, toms, dirty claps, sleazy vocals… The lazy/druggy sounding Russian sets the tone just right on this dirty techno track. I love that it’s at 120 bpm, I can slow it down even more and work it in a mooombahton set. Or speed it up and mix it with Baltimore Club. Range is key here. This is another gem I stole from Matt Nordstrom’s serato crate! muahahahaha!”

5.) Krampfhaft Swipe Mixtape
“I’ve never heard of this cat before, and I still can’t pronounce his name correctly. But his music is amazing and this mix is fire. My fiancé Jen Lasher put me onto this mix. And she got it from our buddy Davon in New Orleans when she went down there to play Mardi Gras. We listen to this mix often when we’re driving around in our Maryland hometown. Perfect for cruising’.”