Hottest Day of the Year Edition


Happy Friday and welcome to what is forecasted to be the hottest day of the year so far. Here’s what’s trending around the DMV this morning…

Cherry Blossoms! Despite the fact that it actually kicked off three days ago, the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s opening ceremonies take place on Sunday at the Convention Center. The festival is releasing a final round of free tickets to the event today at noon. Log on here to claim yours.

Etch A Sketch: You’ve heard about the now-infamous Etch A Sketch gaffe coming from Mitt Romney’s camp. But you might not have heard that since the flub, sales of the product have jumped 1500%, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Tebow: Jets coach Rex Ryan reportedly called Tim Tebow yesterday to officially welcome him to the team. In talking to reporters afterward, Tebow said, “Coach seemed very excited. He also seemed to have a lot of questions about my feet.”

Whitney Houston: The LA Coroner’s Office released Whitney Houston’s official cause of death yesterday. Kids, let this be a lesson to you: Don’t mix coke, weed, pills, booze, and a bathtub full of water.

Capital Bikeshare Starts Program for the Homeless: This is great. (H/T WTOP)

City Paper: Really interesting cover story over at the Washington City Paper this week by Alan Suderman, who tags along with the now 76-year-old Marion Barry during what will likely be his last campaign after a 40-year career in politics. Several weeks after unveiling a new font, layout, and series of features in its print magazine, pulled back the curtains on its newly revamped website a few days ago. Very sleek.

Andray Blatche: Maddening if hilarious bit of reporting from Dan Steinberg on how the Wizards’ most expensive piece of furniture Andray Blatche—a guy who will do
anything to get a triple-double
except play basketball—has been taking his talents to local bowling alleys before working out at 2 and 3 a.m.

Side note: We spotted Andray roll up in what looked like a $250,000 Bentley below our office window in Chinatown about a week ago. When we went downstairs to talk to him, we asked Mr. Blatche how his rehab was coming along, to which he said, “I’m injured.” (Noted.) We asked who the team was playing that night, to which he said, “I dunno. The Jazz?” We were then interrupted by a guy walking down 7th Street who yelled out, “Hey yo, Andray! Lemme hold, like, $5,000, dawg. I’ll get you back,” to which Andray replied, “No.”