Fear and Loathing in the DMV


Dear DC Weather, Quit playing games with my heart. We already put away our parkas and pulled out our jorts. Not to wax Backstreet Boys on ya, but winter’s back, alright.

Sin City: A bill that would expand gambling in Maryland has been preliminarily approved by State Senators. ”What’s next, hookers?” reports my mom. Not exactly. More like weed. This Friday, DC will announce 5 locations where residents will be able to obtain medicinal marijuana. Required viewing.

Parking Fail: A few weeks ago, it was revealed that DC is making bank on parking tickets, raking in $370,000 a day for a record $92.6 million last year. Most of that is thanks to this poor driver who left a desperate plea for the meter maid:

As if the city wasn’t making enough money off drivers, Mayor Grey’s proposed 2013 budget calls for additional revenue from expanded photo enforcement.

“Nuke Blast Wouldn’t Destroy D.C.”: Last week, we reported what it might look like if DC were to ever get nuked. If WTOP’s aforementioned headline does anything to assuage your concerns about a nuclear blast, don’t read the article, which has nuggets like “going outside could expose [you] to deadly amounts of radiation” or “a car offers no protection.” Ah, nothing like peeing your pants while reading the news.