Whitney Houston Casket Image Sparks Outrage


Happy Friday, DC! Here’s what’s trending around the DMV…

Whitney + Casket = Outrage: Did the National Enquirer go too far in publishing a photo of what appears to be Whitney Houston lying dead in a casket as its cover photo? If you’d like to see the image and judge for yourself, click here. Personally, we’re going to avoid supermarket checkout lines for the next week.

Maryland Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill: The Free State got a bit free-er last night, as the state’s senate voted 25 to 22 to pass a measure legalizing same-sex marriage. According to the Washington Post, Governor Martin O’Malley has “vowed to sign [the measure] into law.”

Capital Beltway Congestion: A very cool animated map that allows users to see congestion trends around the Beltway is making the rounds this morning. This real-time piece of genius works by analyzing billions of readings from cars’ speed sensors as they commute. Here’s how it works: Each section of the Beltway is represented by a thin bar. Those in black mean cars are traveling at an average clip of less than 15 MPH, those in green mean the average speed is greater than 60 MPH, and those in orange and red mean the average speed is between 15 and 60 MPH. Click below to take it for a spin.

“You’re in America. Speak English.” That’s the lede to this interesting WaPo opinion piece by Petula Dvorak in response to a legislation passed in Frederick County this week that makes English the county’s official language and forces immigrants to transact all official political and business transactions in English. (Translation: “Official county documents and business will be written and conducted in English, but matters of public safety can still be conducted in other languages.”)

A Streetcar Named Quagmire: WAMU reports that despite more than $1 billion riding on DC’s new streetcar line (get it?), the DDOT may not have enough streetcars available to actually function properly when the program is unveiled next year.