Fu*k You, Marion!


Happy post-Valentine’s Day, DC. Hope your detox from chocolate and candy hearts is going successfully. Here’s what’s happening in the Beltway and beyond…

Abortion = “a Lifestyle Convenience”? Virginia Deputy House Leader Todd Gilbert is quickly backtracking after stating on the state’s House floor that abortion “is a lifestyle convenience.” In other news, we would now like to quickly backtrack after saying that Virginia Deputy House Leader Todd Gilbert looks like a thumb.

Fu*k You, Marion! The Washington Examiner reports that DC Councilman David Catania unloaded on Marion Barry during a Valentine’s Day work retreat, saying, “Fu*k you, Marion!” and calling the former mayor “a despicable human being.” In responding, Barry told the paper that “David has a pattern of attacking black men.”

Could Maryland Legalize Same-Sex Marriage? A pair of House panels jointly approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage yesterday, setting the scene for a possible outcome in a matter of days.

Honduran Catastrophe: When a cruise ship sinks off the coast of Tuscany and claims some 18 lives, it grabs the world’s attention. In other news: A horrific fire swept through a Honduran prison yesterday, killing at least 300 people—many of whom were burned beyond recognition.

Linsanity Continues: Is Jeremy Lin the NBA’s Tim Tebow? It was Lin for the win last night, extending the Knicks’ winning streak to six games.


  • Nonpartisan

    SocialStudies is getting a little too political for my liking.  I liked it when it was nonpartisan.

    • NairHair

       Donde esta la partisanship? Looks like they’re just re-posting the story…

  • CockNFireDC

    New DC just told old DC F$%# you, pretty much. MB’s days are gone to never return.