(VIDEO) The DC Rollergirls: Grrrrls on Wheels


Lois Slain. Nubian Nemesis. Marion Barrycuda. While you might think these nicknames belong to WWE wrestlers, they’re the stage names of a group of librarians, artists, and stay-at-home mothers who make up the DC Rollergirls. What started eight years ago as a few people practicing in a Rosslyn parking garage has grown into a 78-woman league of hard-hitting, rough-and-tumble ladies who play before hundreds of spectators. We recently went to the Rollergirls’s home rink at the DC Armory to see what happens when these women trade in their stilettos for skates.

Want to catch the action up close and personal? The next bout takes place at the DC Armory on February 25 and features the Majority Whips vs. Scare Force One followed by the Cherry Blossom Bombshells vs. DC Demoncats

  • http://twitter.com/ZieberKR Kevin Zieber

    God, that dubstep soundtrack is a dealbreaker. Totally ruins what is otherwise a cool video about something rad happening in DC.