(VIDEO) Tim Tebow Explained


As January Goes, today’s gonna be a beauty: 60 degrees, sunny skies, and a good excuse to take a long lunch break. Check out our morning Play Hooky post for ideas.

10 Years, Not Too Much Celebrating: To mark the ten-year anniversary of the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, the Washington Post reports that protestors and human rights activists demonstrated their distate of the Cuban detention center by marching from the White House to the Supreme Court while wearing orange jump suits and black hoods.

This: Is totally sick.

And this: Is just sad.

Wiz Kids: The Wiz got back to typical form last night, falling to NBA MVP Derrick Rose and the Bulls. That, in and of itself, is certainly forgivable, but the team did manage a franchise-record low point total in its 78-64 defeat. #Eesh.

DC Statehood in New England: Local politicians have been up in the Granite State for the better part of a week eagerly trying to sway New Hampshire legislators to back their proposal for District statehood. And according to WAMU, it appears to be gaining some traction.

The Second Coming (of the Broncos vs. Pats): With the second round of the NFL playoffs just days away, many non-football fans have reached out to us this week to ask, “What is a Tebow and why is he all over my FB news feed?” The answer is best expressed in this straightforward video: