Music Monday: Panda Head Edition


Today’s Music Monday comes from Adams Morgan resident and Panda Head herself, Morgan West. Drawing from kitchen, closet, family, friends and everywhere in between, West has curated a blog that offers readers a rich taste of DC lifestyle. It may be hard to believe, but despite her stylish duds, West admits she’s out of touch with what’s new and hip on the music scene. “My record collection has a lot of crossover with my dad’s,” she says, “and as my musical tastes lean heavily toward musicians who were total foxes in their prime—their prime having been like 30 years ago— there’s some pretty heavy MOM APPEAL in there as well.” Here are five of her favorites… that may or may not be her parents’ favorites as well.

1.) Paul McCartney & Wings — Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
Post-Beatles, Dads were legally required to VOTE MCCARTNEY – John veered a little too EXPERIMENTAL; George was great but that sitar was totally unrelate-able; wasn’t Ringo precious on that Thomas the Tank Engine show? Moms can get down with Wings because of BEATLE PAUL, and because of how truly Paul loved Linda. This is one of my favorite songs off of “Band on the Run;” I listen to it all the time when I’m getting dressed to go out. I do love an urgent piano.

2.) Rod Stewart—You’re In My Heart
“Every Picture Tells a Story” is my favorite Rod Stewart album, but song-wise I’m partial to “You’re In My Heart” off of “Foot Loose and Fancy Free.” This song is also total MOM BAIT, and even if she doesn’t get down with Late-70s-Stewart she’s at least got a THING for American-Songbook-Stewart. Dads respect that he’s still working, and also that he got sued for divorce by someone he wasn’t even married to. WOMEN.

3.) Paul & Linda McCartney—Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
I was really trying to diversify this list but for all of the aforementioned reasons this is parent-approved. This song has all the pleasantries and strangeness of certain mid-to-late-era Beatles GEMS, and I believe there are no more beautiful words than “live a little/be a gypsy/get around/get your feet up off the ground/live a little/get around.” The “ooooo-ooo-weee-ooo-oooo-ooooh” ending is nice too.

4.) Fleetwood Mac—Tusk
Lindsey Buckingham, Tusk-era. was probably a little disconcerting for Dads – double albums are WEIRD, and I think this was also around the time that he started wearing eyeliner. I know that in the SOFT ROCK BATTLE between The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac my own Dad falls squarely into the DON HENLEY camp, and around that time Stevie Nicks did too. If nothing else, everyone can agree on – and celebrate – the neutral ground that is Christine McVie. “Tusk” is an awesome album, and I’ve gone through bouts of OBSESSION with the song over the last several years. If I listen to it right I get all strange inside.

5.) Van Halen—Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
Alright, look. No Dad can argue with EDDIE VAN HALEN, but a lot of them are strictly Van Hagar. You know who knows what’s up? MOMS. I don’t want to scare anyone by using “Mom” and “SEX GOD” in the same sentence, but David Lee Roth was outrageous, and in 1978 your Mom (well, MY Mom) was A DECADE younger than I am now. Who am I to deny her a DLR poster on the ceiling of her bedroom? “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love” is pretty much the most epic song ever written, and that opening guitar riff is just unbelievably sick.