VIDEO: Julian Velard Live at LivingSocial


We here at SocialStudies are big fans of getting artists we like to play songs for us in weird locations (read: thickets, roller rinks, cool houses, and SUVs). But never have we thought to host these talented songsters on our own turf. Until now… (cue music). Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Julian Velard has been touring the country for the last few months, but he hasn’t been hitting up your typical venues—unless you consider your buddy’s living room “typical.” Velard has taken his vaudevillian act from clubs and theaters to living rooms and backyards for his Winter House Concert Series. And this week, LivingSocial was the lucky recipient of one of these intimate performances. Dive into LivingSocial’s office ball pit to hear Julian explain his unconventional touring style (above), and then check out our exclusive music video of Velard singing Everybody Wants to Be Famous (below).