Pedicabs v. Park Police: Ride or Die


Happy Humpday. Get wit’ it:

Pedi Conflicts: As tensions escalate between law enforcement and pedicab operators, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is calling for Park Police to reach out to pedicab operators to quell the conflict before things get out of hand. What does it look like when pedicabs get out of hand you ask? This:

Strike Saga: The Occupy The DC Vote protesters have taken their cause to the Capitol, relocating to just outside John Boehner’s and other congressional offices. The trio has not eaten for five days, and I can totally understand what they’re going through because I still haven’t eaten breakfast.

Can You Hear Me Now?: Scientists at the Smithsonian have figured out how to listen to experimental audio recordings made by Alexander Graham Bell in a Washington DC lab. Seeing as the recordings are 130 years old, it’s unclear whether the scientists used science to hear the recordings or witch magic.

Angry Thunderbirds: The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended a nationwide ban on cell phone use behind the wheel. But one group is speaking out against the legislation: People who suck at driving.

Think you’ve got chutzpa? If you can steal this Banksy, it’s yours to keep.

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