Jets Aren’t the Only Ones Sky High


Good thing no one in Washington got their playoff hopes up after last week’s win. In typical Redskins fashion, we managed to turn Mark Sanchez into Tim Tebow in the 4th quarter of yesterday’s 34-19 loss. Redskins nation also learned that the team will lose Trent Williams and Fred Davis for the rest of the season for drug-related infractions. As noted on 106.7 The Fan: “The rest of us learned to put the team above ourselves as kids on junior varsity. Thanks jackasses, we were counting on you.”

This week’s game lent itself extremely well to a by-the-numbers breakdown:

0 – number of sacks by the Redskins defense, which had been averaging 3 per week and was tied for 3rd-most in the league coming into yesterday’s game.

3 – number of drug tests allegedly failed by Fred Davis and Trent Williams in the same season. Rumor has it that, out of the league’s 2,000 players, these two are the only ones who will receive drug-related discipline, which leads us to…

4 – number of games each will be suspended, meaning two of the team’s top three offensive performers will miss the remainder of the season.

18 – turnovers by Rex Grossman in 9 games. We’re no mathematician, but that’s 2 turnovers a game by our calculations. And he’s still our best option at quarterback. Getting queasy yet? Well, consider that Kyle Shanahan called 41 pass plays for Rexy yesterday and he had (get ready…) a whopping 221 yards.

21 – points given up by the Redskins defense in the 4th quarter. Way to hang in there, guys.

100 – rushing yards by Roy Helu. This is the second straight game he’s reached the centennial mark. No Redskins rookie has done so in back-to-back weeks since 1993. Outstanding achievement or sad commentary on Washington rookies the past 20 years? Debate amongst yourselves.

Reactions from media ranged from stony-faced condemnation to stoner jokes. Highlights below:

“If the reports are true about their suspension – nothing is official yet but the team expects to hear something soon (Monday perhaps, but not definitely) – I’m not sure anyone should be surprised. Before the 2008 draft, I talked to one draft expert/scout and asked him for three guys he would stay away from in the draft. Davis was one of them… Meanwhile, we all know what Williams’ reputation was at Oklahoma when it came to his work ethic. It was subpar.”—John Keim, Washington Examiner

“It’s difficult to imagine the Washington Redskins’ offensive unit that opened Sunday’s game against the New York Jets was the same one that finished it. The first-quarter version was polished and poised, never so much as facing a third down before it reached the end zone. The second-half version was a mess, failing to gain a first down on six of nine possessions, turning it over twice, never reaching the red zone, never mind the end zone.”—Barry Svrluga, The Washington Post

“Best Last Game: If that was it for Davis this season, he went out in style, with six catches for 99 yards, including a couple of really dope catches. Sorry, can’t help it.”—Dan Steinberg, D.C. Sports Bog The Washington Post

“Imagine how much harder it’s going to be to generate points without Nos. 71 and 83. Shanahan lamented having to “settle for some field goals instead of touchdowns once we got in the red zone” against the Jets. Heck, a week from now, Shanny will probably be cracking open champagne if his offense moves the ball enough to boot four field goals. In fact, Papa John’s might start offering free toppings for every 3-pointer.”—Dan Daly, The Washington Times