All I Want for Christmas Is…


Anyone who says all they want for Christmas is their two front teeth is either too young, too old, or too toothless to know any better. So what’s on Washingtonians’ wish lists this year? We stopped a few (very cold) people to find out.

“You. Sorry, that sounds cheesy but I just got home from Iraq yesterday. I was gone for eight or nine months and I’m so happy to be back and able to relax over the holidays. We’re both teachers and I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching.”
- Chris and Vee, Columbia Heights

“A car. Or pretty much any way to get around. I really want to be a fireman, and training’s over in Fairfax, so pretty much any ride to get closer to the fire hall would work for me. I never really knew what I wanted to do, and this appealed the most.”- Tavares, Woodbridge

“Freedom for all political prisoners. And by “all,” I mean only one… Chinatown’s Fitness Guy!!”
- Andy, Eckington

“A boyfriend …and chitlins” - Andréa, Arlington

“A rental car or just a free ride to get me to the South. I live up in New Jersey and I’m so tired of Jersey. That’s why I’m here in DC, I just wanted to get away for a while. I’d probably head down to Nashville first, then New Orleans. Anything to head South.”- Pip, New Zealand

“My college tuition paid off. I just finished my first semester at Methodist University in North Carolina, and I want to play baseball, but I’m stuck with so much debt trying to pay for college.”
- Matthew, Alexandria

“A gallon of eggnog, a crackling fireplace, and a warm beagle. Also, for Green Bay take home another Super Bowl, but that’ll have to wait until a touch later.” - Aaron, Bloomingdale