From the Artist’s Sketchbook: Juana Medina


Juana Medina’s art knows no bounds, but her favorite place to create? A little bound notebook. “That’s where most ideas start,” she says, “From my sketchbook. They can spring onto any other surface, medium.”

Medina hails from Bogota, Columbia, but for her, DC is home… at least for the time being. The award-winning illustrator and designer is currently seeking an artist’s visa that will allow her to remain in DC, a city that has inspired much of her work. For her, the District’s sense of community represents a stark contrast from the socio-economic turmoil and fast-paced city life in Bogota. This adverse relationship is on display in much of Juana’s work, particularly Hectic Planet, an online, interactive animation that draws attention to climate change.

Much of her work juxtaposes the frenetic energy of sketch with a very human, hand-drawn intimacy, and nowhere is this more evident than in her sketchbook (below). Medina’s forthcoming projects (a children’s book and some animations) continue on a similarly contradictory narrative: “They are all about misfits, troublemakers and… well, being little and dreaming big.”