(Listen) Our Fall Concert Selects


Today’s Music Monday serves up your guide to this fall’s can’t-miss shows—which too many denizens will likely skip.  Here are our five reasons not to:

1.) Cant—”Believe” (October 28, Rock & Roll Hotel)

CANT – Believe (taken from Dreams Come True – Terrible Records / Warp Records) by Warp Records

Chances are if you like Grizzly Bear (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then you’ll love bassist/producer Chris Taylor’s side project, Cant. “Believe” is a hazy, slow-jam that sparkles with sentiment and swells with undercurrents of old school Phil Collins.

2.) Dum Dum Girls—”Only in Dreams” (October 22, Black Cat)

Fuzzed out, girl-group angst, dressed in leather jackets. These gals are 1950′s pop meets DIY girl-fi frenzy.

3.) Wu Lyf—”Spitting Blood” (November 6, Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Crystal Antlers)

They don’t do interviews and their Wikipedia page has been deleted several times, but despite being shrouded in mystery, Wu Lyf (World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation) has one of the most widely acclaimed albums of the year: “Go Tell Fire to the Mountain.”

4.) Class Actress—”Journal of Ardency” (October 22, Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Metronomy)

Class Actress=Elizabeth Haper 2.0. “Journal of Ardency” is a sexercise in synthed out Brooklyn, electro-pop. Stay tuned for her new album, Rapprocher, which drops later this month.

5.) Ganglians—”Voodoo” (November 15, Red Palace)

With Brian Wilson-esque harmonies and a classic Californian quirk, these jams are certainly nothing new. That said, it doesn’t mean their sound is not incredibly enjoyable.