DC Named Top Vegetarian City


DC, you have a lot to be happy about today: It’s Friday; Ovi scored twice last night to embarrass Philly at home; and it’s shaping up to be a perfect fall weekend (we know what you’re thinking: it’s finally ascot weather).

Half-Off Cupcakes, Droppin’ Knowledge Fo’ Free: In a survey of e-commerce users conducted by LivingSocial and Mandala Research, DC has been named the top vegetarian city in the country. This one’s going on the trophy shelf, right next to “America’s Stupidest Drivers.”

Swift, Tailor: Alton Lane, a little suit shop located above the Starbucks in Dupont, is using 3D scanning technology to find your measurements. According to WTOP, the system can find “small irregularities” that a human tailor would miss. Wait… since when is your tailor supposed to find my “small irregularities”? And besides, it’s not that small.

Spot the Difference: We’ve all been there: It’s early, you’re reading The Washington Times, and your eyes deceive you:

No... it couldn't be?!

Ah, right. That's sounds more like the news. The crazy, disturbing news we know and love.

Pass the Grass: Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re literally talking about grass. While no damage assessment has been made, the National Park Service estimates that replacing the grass in McPherson Square that’s been trampled by protesters will cost over $200,000. This is after $437,000 of federal stimulus money went into improving the square this winter and spring. Oh hey, federal government, we figured out the problem! You’re spending a quarter million dollars on grass and twice that much on “improvements”… to a square. Take a page out of the Metro Board’s book: They begrudgingly switched to cold sandwiches after getting called out on their prime rib and red snapper lunches (while we waited during single-tracking and trekked up escalators in August). Dear DC government: Learn to stretch a dollar like the rest of America.