Washington, DC: The Movie


As blockbuster season draws to a close, DC can celebrate yet another summer when its monuments weren’t blown up by alien lasers. Thank you, Hollywood. To commemorate the District’s illustrious film career, here’s a look back some of her most memorable cameos:

Featured films: Forrest Gump, A Few Good Men, Burn After Reading, Deep Impact, Earth vs. The Flying Saucer, The Exorcist, First Kid, G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, Houseboat, How Do You Know, In The Loop, Iron Man 2, Legally Blond 2, Live Free/ Die Hard, Mars Attacks!, Murder at 1600, National Treasure, Night at the Museum, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, The Distinguished Gentleman, The American President, X-Files: The Movie, and Dave.

  • Emily

    I’m pretty bummed that the BEST DC scene EVER did not make it in: Renee Russo and Clint Eastwood eating ice cream on the steps of the Lincoln memorial in In The Line of Fire. 

  • Horatious

    “i’m going to steal the declaration of independence.” incredible.