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Each day at 4:30, we’ll host a contest where we ask our readers to send us their funniest write-ups or best pictures for a chance to win the day’s Daily Deal. After picking the entry we like the most, we’ll gift the winner their choice of either the Daily Deal or Deal Bucks equal to the price of the deal, and announce the winner the next business day at 4:30 p.m.—along with a new assignment and chance to win.


Today’s assignment: For your chance to win either $40 to spend on food and drink at Tsunami Sushi & Lounge in Logan Circle or $20 in Deal Bucks, tell us the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten. We’ll select our favorite bizarro-food encounter and announce the winner tomorrow at 4:30.


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  • LoveMenInKilts

    Haggis topped with Oaxacan grasshoppers. It was a Scottish/Mexican fusion dish. Weird.

  • BleepThroat

    salamander feet in Nepal

  • http://twitter.com/erinruberry Erin Ruberry

    Termites fresh from a stick in Belize — walking through the jungle, pulled down a stick with crawling termites, popped one in my mouth. Surprisingly grassy.

  • Jamie

    I ate a slice of watermelon with condensed chicken soup spread on it and bubbalicious gum still in the wrapper on top…seriously. There’s video footage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QECj1ZTbHLo&feature=feedlik

  • FilipinaChick

    ‘Day-Old,’ a Filipino snack named for the amount of time the poor thing got to live before deep-fried into a chicken nugget. Surprisingly delicious (and chewy!)

  • FilipinaChick

    Seems like the picture didn’t publish, so here’s the link: 

  • Jaiken

    Chicken feet. With the little toe nails.

  • JKiefhaber

    must be guinea pig pizza in peru or cricket tacos right here in the good ‘ol washington, dc. 

    if interested, you can find those cricket tacos in “Jumbo Slice”… tee hee, still lovin’ the dc sterotypes map!!

  • Evan

    Rattlesnake pizza

  • Paola

    Caesar salad

  • SocialStudiesDC

    Today’s best (read: most disgusting) comment goes to FilipinaChick, whose chicken nugget photo kind of made us throw up in our mouth a little. We hope the rest of you will keep entering for a chance to win more prizes each day.

  • FilipinaChick

    Cool, thanks! How do I claim the prize? 

    And loving this blog btw, keep up the good work and putting out great content =)