Svetlana’s Brightest Young Tracks


You know you’re having a good week when Forbes does a profile on you, saying that you’re an “amazing woman” they’ve admired you for years, and that your blog is “the go-to place for the hippest trends, spots and all around fun events occurring across DC.”

Meet Svetlana Legetic, the founder and editor-in-chief of the slightly overexposed online magazine Brightest Young Things and one of the coolest, nicest chicks you’re likely to meet anywhere. We recently sat down with her as she walked us through five songs that are currently getting heavy rotation on her iPod.

1. Leo Sayer—Easy to Love: I bike around listening to this song, which is totally dangerous. It’s a perfect song to listen to when you’re biking through the city, though.


2. Le Tigre—Nanny Nanny Boo Boo: We’ve been trying to book Le Tigre for a while. I’d love to have super-bratty dance party that kicks off with this song.


3. The Knocks—Make it Better: Ever since I saw them live in concert, I couldn’t get enough. They’re like Chromeo meets Girl Talk. I completely love them now and kinda stalk them, too.


4. Grimes—(Any song of hers): She has this childish voice, but it’s a little dance-y and a little dark at the same time. She came out with this video where she’s wearing face paint with a big group of people and I love it. She’s like a cross between Lykke Li and Feist.


5. Friendly Fires—Jump in the Pool: I just think that they should be about the biggest band in the world. I picked this song because everyone likes Skeleton Boy and Paris gets overplayed, so this is something different.