DC Jobs: Cafe Phillips’s Cashier


With so many impersonal curry-in-a-hurry lunch options in DC, Chinatown’s Cafe Phillips sticks out from the carry-out crowd. If you ask customers waiting in line who Phillips is (which we did), no one knows. But if you ask them about the guy behind the register, their faces light up.

In the third installment of a series where we profile how Washingtonians work, we meet David, Cafe Phillips’s cashier. If you’ve ever ordered a sandwich here, chances are this man has snapped his fingers and pointed at you before diving his hands into the cash register to hunt for your change like he was being timed. But even with the fastest hands outside of the West (End), David explains that his job hasn’t always been safe.


  • Esteban

    David is great. Friendliest guy in Chinatown.

  • Andrew

    Amazing.  Best customer service on earth.

  • Joe1000

    He’s great!

  • Alex

    Nice to see him getting recognized.

    This gentleman has been here since our company moved upstairs a couple years ago.  It’s very nice when you have someone that’ll almost make you go “wow” with his energy when you least expect it, especially during the morning time when things are kinda slow cause people are still half awake.

    - Alex

  • AJ

    So happy to see this guy featured! It’s been a year since I left DC and I still remember his kindness and energy.

  • LS


  • http://flickr.com/yonas1 yonas

    Half the reason I go to Café Phillip’s is to see David and his crazy antics! I love that guy. He’s officially a neighborhood institution.

  • Matt H.

    David is a god-tier personality. Really nice guy that keeps me going back to Phillip’s every week!