Stay Calm: The Sun May Kill You Today


Rise and shine, Washington! Humigeddon 2011 is expected to bless us with temperatures hovering around 183 degrees today. Things we would rather do than go outside: catch that Tyler Perry marathon on TBS, Skype relatives we don’t like, shotgun bottles of 2% milk on a La-Z-Boy, and work in a cubicle with the A/C cranked up.

Bachelorette update: After reporting that the National Zoo’s resident starlet, Mei Xiang, was on 24/7 preggers watch after experiencing two hormone rises on consecutive days this summer, the Washington Post has kicked us in the heart this morning by letting us know that there will be no new panda at the zoo this year. Despite Xiang’s sixth false pregnancy, officials hope that she and hubby Tian Tian will be able to mate mate during the couple’s annual “heat cycle” next year.

NBC Washington reports that Michelle Obama is slated to make a guest appearance on the ABC hit show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to help build a greenhouse and children’s play area for a military family in North Carolina. The news comes two months after cameras caught the First Lady auditioning for FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance when she did the Dougie at Alice Deal Middle School.

reports that the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum is hoping to host the largest “ring shout” ever recorded on Saturday. For those of you not familiar with what a ring shout entails, the name pretty much sums it up: a group of people gathering together to shout and clap in unison. For those not able to make it to RingShout2k11, you can still get your fill of boisterous flash mob-style shouting every day of the week around the Gallery-Place Metro, during Tea Party rallies, at any Caps game, and sometimes while standing in line trying to order a burger.

#SouthernComfort? What’s worse than being a red-bleeding Rebel and having to commemorate the War of Northern Aggression? Having to do so while wearing “authentic Confederate wool” and a goatee that makes you look like Dom DeLuise.