Five Gray Areas


A sea of camera-toting tourists, NatureBoy, and several hundred LivingSocial employees who work a block away were forbidden from crossing Pennsylvania Avenue NW between 15th and 16th streets yesterday in preparation for the White House State Dinner. Donning a form-fitting, cream Naeem Khan dress, Michelle Obama looked as beautiful as the night she stood us up for prom some years ago. While the Washington Post‘s Reliable Source reports that the soirée was “remarkably unremarkable,” “uber-low-key,” “without a hint of intrigue,” and “devoid of any Hollywood names” (goodness gracious, Roxanne Roberts!), we beg to differ: …is that Mr. Burns?

Inside Nova reports that Robert Marion McGuire from Dale City has been charged with animal cruelty after decapitating his mother’s cat. McGuire, a convicted sex offender, has been charged with torturing an animal and causing its death. As disturbing and shocking as this story may be, it makes perfect sense when taking a peek McGuire, who looks exactly like the kind of person who would be a convicted sex offender and decapitate a cat.

In an interesting article, the Washington Post‘s Marc Fisher has aggregated Mayor Vincent Gray’s string of scandals and posed the question: “What does it mean that at least five members of the D.C. Council and the mayor are spending a good chunk of their time trying to fend off accusations of wrongdoing?” For anyone who’s keeping score (no, really, is anyone other than Fisher keeping score…?), since taking office in January, Gray has been called a “crook” by a former mayoral candidate; Gray’s council member, Harry Thomas Jr., of diverting more than $300,000 in public funds intended for youth baseball programs to pay for his luxury SUV; council chairman Kwame Brown was pressured to return his “fully loaded” SUV; and the mayor fired his former chief of staff after accustations that he gave officials’ children cushy jobs. Some critics may argue that Gray’s track record is dragging the city back to its golden era of corruption, or as former Mayor Marion Barry might describe it, the good old days.