Anarchist Dog Walkers and a Lunch Lady Retires


Ah, DC: Where left-leaning idealists staff myriad of nonprofits, red-bleeding overachievers huddle on Capitol Hill, and… anarchists walk dogs?  That’s right—in a city where politics is the talk of the town, the Washington Post reports that Petworth has spawned multiple anarchist dog-walking collectives (think: fat camp for dogs who won’t stop barking about government). We actually hired one of the collectives last year to walk our two-year-old black lab, Carl, but decided it was best to look elsewhere when he ranted about how the Kibbles ‘n Bits we tried to feed him was “too corporate” before going #2 in his food bowl.

WTOP reports that Nancy Sprague, a lunch lady who has been serving students at Cedar Grove Elementary School in Damascus for the past 36 years, retired yesterday. Cedar Grove will honor the 69-year-old great-grandmother by hanging her ladle from the gym’s rafters.

The Examiner reports that DC-based rocker Henry Rollins has been hired by National Geographic as the host of its show, Animal Underworld, which “features people who own exotic animals as well as those who eat them.” Rollins’s Nat Geo resume also includes cameos and hosting appearances in Snake Underworld, and Born to Rage? The decision to hire Rollins for the latter show was made when he walked into the National Geographic studios and made this face.